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What is /kra:ft/?

/kra:ft/ is an online booking platform for crafts and art workshops worldwide.

For craftsmen, /kra:ft/ offers an online space to showcase your business, to propose online many workshops throughout the year; it offers national and international visibility.

For participants, wherever is your city of origin or destination, during holidays or throughout the year /kra:ft/ helps you planning crafts and art activities with the main actors of the area of your choice.

Not only can you rediscover and experiment traditional know-how of your region but also those of other cultures while traveling abroad.

/kra:ft/ is a unique platform of its kind ​​and offers online booking of workshops in several languages, display of real-time availability and secure online payment.


You are a participant

How does /kra:ft/ works?

  1. Register for free or login to /kra:ft/ website www.kraftyourlife.com
  2. Find the workshops you like among those showcased on /kra:ft/.
  3. Book online seats for the workshops you like through the secure Paypal payment.
  4. Receive our confirmation email and all the necessary information.
  5. Attend the workshop and have an unforgettable experience of savoir-faire!


Why looking for workshops on /kra:ft/?

www.kraftyourlife.com is the only platform that gathers, internationally, artisans and artists offering workshops. /kra:ft/ is the one-step website that gives you access to workshops that you had not even suspected existed, anywhere.

Imagine … You could discover one sole craftsmanship in all its cultural nuances across different countries. (Re)discover traditional savoir-faire from your area with your family. Or discover during your next trip, the country’s culture by experiencing local crafts…

There are so many reasons. You will find yours!


How to create an account?

If you do not have a /kra:ft/ account, go directly www.kraftyourlife.com/register/
Registration and creation of a /kra:ft/ account are totally free.
After registering, make sure to complete your profile.


How to book a workshop on /kra:ft/?

Go to www.kraftyourlife.com/activities
Browse through the list of available workshops those that suit you best according to the craft/art, the place and time. You can further refine the search results using filters like the language in which the workshop is given, or the environment.
The reservation of the workshop is effective as soon as the payment is confirmed.
You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your order.


What is happening in case of cancellation?

  1. In case you cancel your reservation

You can cancel a reservation made on www.kraftyourlife.com on the following conditions:

  • If the cancellation is received at least 20 days before the start of the workshop, on payment of 30% of the workshop price;
  • If the cancellation is received between the 11th day and the 20th day before the start of the workshop, on payment of 60% of the workshop price;
  • If the cancellation is received less than 11 days before the start of the workshop, on payment of 100% of the workshop price.

No refund will be made if you do not show up at the workshop or decide to shorten it.


  1. In case of cancellation of a workshop by us

We reserve the right to cancel a workshop for any reason, including if the minimum number of participants has not been reached.

If necessary, you can either:

  • Receive a credit of the amount paid for the purchase of another workshop; or
  • get reimbursed for the workshop.

Which payment methods are available when booking a workshop?

Payment for the workshops booking is made securely via PayPal.

See also… The Terms & Conditions – Participants


You are an artisan/artist 

How does /kra:ft/ works ?

  1. Register for free or login to /kra:ft/ website www.kraftyourlife.com
  2. Edit your profile in My Account
  3. Edit you shop by clicking on My Shop
  4. Under My Shop, click on Item to create a workshop offer
  5. Post your workshop offer for free
  6. Receive a confirmation email when your minimum amount of participants is reached
  7. Welcome participants and share with them your passion for your savoir-faire.

Who can publish workshop offers?

Anyone with a savoir-faire, eager to share it with the public in a friendly and educational purpose.

Why should I post my workshops on /kra:ft/?

The reasons are various.

In general, /kra:ft/ plays a relay to communicate your workshops beyond your area. They will then also be nationally and internationally promoted. Not only will you attract participants from your area, who will easily find all the update details for your upcoming workshops. You will also welcome tourists who will be delighted to discover local expertise during their next trip.

More particularly, giving classes and workshops, in addition to your craft or artistic activity has many positive points:

  • Raise the public curiosity for your savoir-faire.
  • Demonstrate that art and crafts are subtle mix of knowledge, time, hard work, patience, passion and so help them understand, for example, the differences (in quality, price … ) between industrial and handicraft products.
  • Be a financial supplement to your business without stepping away from your expertise.

How to create an account?

If you don’t have a /kra:ft/account yet, go directly to http://kraftyourlife.com/register/
Registration on /kra:ft/ is free.
Don’t forget to fill up your profile and upload a pic for your avatar.
Then you need to create your shop by clicking on My Shop and filling up details about your activity.
Note : these information concern your shop in general, not a workshop in particular.

How to publish my workshop?

Login and go to My Account.
Once your shop is published, you will see an Item tab under My Shop.
Click on Item, and fill up all information related to your workshop.
Don’t forget to publish your workshop by clicking on the Save button down the page.
Publishing a workshop is free.

How much does /kra:ft/ charge for its services?

Rather than a rigid and costly relationship such as a subscription or the exclusivity …
/kra:ft/ prefers to be a practical tool that you can use whenever you need it.
For this reason, registration and publishing workshops are completely free.

/kra:ft/ opts to operate on a 12% commission based on the sales of the workshop seats.
This way, you are charged only if /kra:ft/ helped you for your sales and do not lose money otherwise.

See also… Terms & Conditions – Organizers

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