Sculpting marble, with David Léger

David Léger is a stone carver. His professional and artistic career reflects his knowledge and experience with this material.

At 16, he discovered stone cutting and had a tour of conservation and restoration projects of historical monuments in France.

He trained in art of stone and perfected on prestigious monuments restoration projects including Notre Dame and the Pont Neuf in Paris, the cathedrals of Amiens and Orleans …

Each mission, although rich in experience, however, left him unsatisfied by a lack of creativity. Thus he went to Italy, in Carrara, a city known worldwide for its marble quarries since Roman times. David studied at the Fine Arts in Carrara. After his graduation, he returned to France to create his business. He now makes sculpture and even monumental ones for private and public clients.

Among the many varieties of stone he can carve, David especially like working marble, onyx and granite. His works, well-rounded with organic forms, are invitations to the touch and sensuality.

A connection to his sculptures as a relationship where each one feeds and inspires the other and recognizes oneself in the other, David says, “… they continue to surprise me, there is so much of my soul in them that I learn about myself : my roots in this vital organic nature and my need to anchor in time, in my history. ”

Since the beginning of his activity in 2008, David has been offering stone carving courses for beginners and advanced:

“I love sharing my passion and pass on my knowledge. Each course is an opportunity for enriching encounters and exchanges, allowing me not to work alone in my studio. ”

Facing new technologies that are overtaking stonemasonry, David remains aware that it is important today to transmit the traditional stone carving techniques that are tending to disappear . “That said, we still have an edge facing the robots in term of creativity” and sensuality … one might add!

David regularly exhibits at the art gallery “Soleil de m’Inuit” in Morges, Switzerland, he also participated in numerous biennials and exhibitions throughout France, Spain and Italy.

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