Jocelyne Chavat, Harmony of emptiness and wholeness

Jocelyne Chavat has more than one string to her bow; she knows the secrets of soap, lace-crochet, but it’s bobbin lace that we talked about.

The first time she found out about lace dates back to her childhood when her grandmother was making home-made lace-crochet curtains and taught her how to use this magic tool.
“From then on, I always had a crochet hook in my hand or in my pocket, it was a small tool, easy to take anywhere and I never stopped crocheting.”

When on holiday in a guesthouse granny Perrier taught her guipure lace and at 11 years old, she knew how to make lace flowers.

Jocelyne created her business in 1999; she used to make bears, bouquets and lace-crochet curtains. But lace work takes time and money was scarce and Jocelyne was forced to cease her activity.
In 2007, while visiting a castle in the area, Jocelyne saw a lace-crochet bedspread: it was love at first sight and her passion for lace was rekindled . In 2008, she joined a lace club, bobbin lace this time, for this ancient art is more suitable for public demonstration. Meanwhile, she created her homemade soap, which later on would become her main activity. Today, Jocelyne welcomes you into her shop in St. Pierre-de-Chartreuse; a timeless universe in which she combines her craft of soap making with her passion for lace.

Jocelyne loves passing on her knowledge. “It is important to know how to be autonomous, to adapt to situations without being shaken by external circumstances. ”
A dowser by nature, she enjoys being outside very much and takes her lace work out in the fields to seek solitude. “Lace is a combination of emptiness and wholeness through which light passes, like the foliage of the trees viewed against the light when you lay down in the grass …”

“Lace teaches you to let time take its course if you want to get a beautiful piece of work. Lace anchors you in the present, “a good lesson to take in a society which is constantly projecting into the future.

It’s a skill that allows you to focus and learn how to place yourself in space.
So come along and find out about bobbin lace, let yourself be charmed by the melodious clickety-clack of the intermingling bobbins and the harmony of emptiness and wholeness …
Jocelyne teaches adult courses at the Chateau de Montfleury, in Savoie, France, and as a stay-at-the-farm in the cottage “La Bardelière” in Isère, France.

To know more about Jocelyne’s bobbin-lace workshops.