Fused glass, Isabelle Baeckeroot

Embarquée (bleu)-rédIsabelle Baeckeroot, graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She began working mosaic, painting, drawing, printmaking before training fused glass techniques. As colorist she used enamels, glass layers and multiplies perspectives on the work whose tones, drawing, depth, light, even the grain change depending on how you spin the art piece in your hand.

Her fused glass and enamels, paintings and sculptures are open spaces that intrigue us. Certainly we recognize faces with clean lines – as primitive figures -, silhouettes; sometimes the form of a boat or a land; but, glass layers through collages and break down take us beyond figuration.

It is in the detail, in the fold of the material, in such transparency or opacity that the object questions us, impresses us, enchants us.


Glass fusing is a technique already used 3500 years ago in the manufacture of glass objects.

It is in fact the oldest techniques of manufacture and processing of glass.

“Glass fusing is about assembling cold glass plates of the same quality by overlapping them.

I use between my layers of glass enamels allowing me to “paint” my glass (almost like painting). These enamels are powders of different colors that agglomerate during glass firing.

When my glass assembly is ready, I put my pieces in the kiln according to a precise temperature curve (max. 840 °). The glass layers are thus fused. They may also be deformed during a second firing process. “Isabelle Baeckeroot


Since 1981, Isabelle participates in solo and group exhibitions, fairs, symposia and associations in Europe and Asia.