Catherine Mamet, between intimacy and universality

C-Mamet1Trained at the Beaux-Arts d’Avignon, Catherine Mamet, sculptor artist, works the hardest materials such as stone, wood or bronze, and the most ephemeral ones as sand or ice.

Nothing undermines Catherine’s energy.
The roughness of a stone taken from a stream, or a tormented stump of a fruit tree seems to find in her hands a captivating peacefulness.
Her world and her works are both massive in size, in material choice, and meditative by the peaceful and timeless feeling they procure.

Catherine approaches femininity through smooth, wide shapes, well-rounded bellies, tender embraces of foster mothers with heavy breasts.
A series of seeds, fertile and migratory, exposes their entire splendor.

The state of meditation, the prayer is a recurring theme in Catherine.
Symbols and pure forms, the art pieces seem in harmony with each other and with themselves, as a call to wholeness.

Smooth, polished to the extreme, her art work is a subtle match of strength and softness.
Through the singularity in her exploration of signs and symbols, the intimacy in her maternity shapes Catherine brings to our reach a higher world. Her art work is meditated. As a sculptor she seeks to build a bridge between the intimate and the universal.

Catherine Mamet regularly participates in exhibitions and symposiums in France and abroad.