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TEMPERA - Sandrine Aulagnon

Egg tempera is the main technique of watercolor used since immemorial times, especially in Egypt, then by the icons painters of Byzantine and in Europe during the Middle Ages. All Mediterranean societies of Antiquity knew and practiced egg tempera. Most preserved paintings are on wood, papyrus and parchment (eg : for illuminated manuscripts, from the second century) but this technique was […]

Mathilde Guignard

Born in 1985 from ethnobotanists parents, Mathilde has been surrounded with plants from a young age. After her parents created a botanical garden in Limeuil, France, she started to give tours with her brother at the age of 10. At the age of13, she was spellbound by vegetable dyes during an exhibition about plants in […]

Jocelyne Chavat has more than one string to her bow; she knows the secrets of soap, lace-crochet, but it’s bobbin lace that we talked about. The first time she found out about lace dates back to her childhood when her grandmother was making home-made lace-crochet curtains and taught her how to use this magic tool. […]

stone sculpture workshop #1

David Léger is a stone carver. His professional and artistic career reflects his knowledge and experience with this material. At 16, he discovered stone cutting and had a tour of conservation and restoration projects of historical monuments in France. He trained in art of stone and perfected on prestigious monuments restoration projects including Notre Dame […]

Isabelle Baeckeroot, graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She began working mosaic, painting, drawing, printmaking before training fused glass techniques. As colorist she used enamels, glass layers and multiplies perspectives on the work whose tones, drawing, depth, light, even the grain change depending on how you spin the art piece in your hand. Her […]

AMBROTYPES The ambrotype ( from Ancient Greek: ἀνβροτός — “immortal”, and τύπος — “impression” )  invented by James Ambrose Cutting in 1854, is a photograph that creates a positive image on a sheet of glass using the wet plate collodion process (invented in 1851 in England by Frank Scott Archer.)   PROCESS A black glass plate is coated […]

Trained at the Beaux-Arts d’Avignon, Catherine Mamet, sculptor artist, works the hardest materials such as stone, wood or bronze, and the most ephemeral ones as sand or ice. Nothing undermines Catherine’s energy. The roughness of a stone taken from a stream, or a tormented stump of a fruit tree seems to find in her hands […]

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