Egg Tempera paint – Dec2015 – FR

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Egg Tempera Paint

EGG TEMPERA PAINT  is a traditional technique used in Antiquity and the Middle Ages, it is the ancestor of oil painting.
This technique is one of which brings most brightness in the colors.

Themes: icon, altar, illumination ….

Beginners and improvment classes of Egg Tempera painting over ​​a weekend.

Subject choice:
icon (°) or painting on plywood panel (altarpiece)
heraldry, illumination, mandala…
(°) on plywood panel, please note a weekend will not be enough to finish an icon.

Each participant picks his/her own model (Icon, painting on wood, heraldry, illumination, Egyptian papyrus, mandala, abstract) and support (wood or MDF, paper, papyrus or vegetable parchment).

All supplies included (support, pigments, egg) and materials lent (pencil, compass, ruler, brushes …)
For more information on the tempera painting technique: Wikipedia


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