Screenprinting workshop for beginner – June 2015 – CN

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Screenprinting workshop for beginner

This “screenprinting workshop for beginners” is for the ones who don’t have screen printing experience and want to learn the basics. It’s also a refresher course for those who have done silkscreen before and need to be reminded of certain steps.

-brief introduction of screen printing and IdleBeats studio’s set-up.

-artwork creation on transfer foils using pens, masking sheets and grid-templates.
-screen exposing and washing out.

-ink preparation and printing station set up.
-printing on paper, t-shirt or tote bag.

Scale: 1 tutor with 3-5 Attendees
Length: 3-4 hours
Date: June 13th
Location: IdleBeats Studio, Line 10 Xintiandi Station, Shanghai
Fee: 100 euros per person (including all required materials)


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