Oil painting & watercolor – Casimir Ferrer #1 -FR

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The association l’Art et la Matière presents a new oil painting and watercolor workshop with Casimir Ferrer in Burlats Tarn, France; 15 minutes from Castres.
From Thursday 7th to Sunday 10th of May, 2015 – 215 euros (Note: paint supplies not included)

Open to beginners and advanced.
Supplies to bring:

– Large easel or table easel
– Canvas. Size of your choice (1 or 2 for the day)
– Primary colour paint. oil or acrylic
– Paint recommended by the artist for beginners: extra fine oil paint:
. bright red (rouge vif), dark ultramarine (bleu outremer foncé ), Indian blue (bleu indien) by Lefranc Bourgeois
. magenta, titanium white (large container) by Norma Schminke
. cadmium lemon yellow by Sennelier
– Painting medium by Norma or Lefranc Bourgeois
– Retouching varnish spray by Lefranc Bourgeois
– Charcoal stick
– Tear off palette
– Brushes, spatulas, plastic tablecloth for tables protection
– Cloths
Bring some material for your inspiration: landscape, portrait, bouquet, etc.


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